Facilitating Smooth Processing of H-1B Visas for Greater Good

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It is reassuring to see that the H1B denials and short-term Visa approvals unjustly initiated by USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) may soon come to an end. Several members of an organization named ITSERVE raised their voice against this unjust practice by filing cases against USCIS individually. Following that, they appealed to the court to merge all the individual cases into a single one with a permanent judgment as that would benefit future applications as well.

The President at ITSERVE said while the efforts seem to be yielding positive outcome, individually,they have managed to get the all the cases consolidated. Besides, last night, we have also filed our motion for summary judgment on three consolidated issues: USCIS’s definition of employer (employee-employer relationship), short term approval/partial denials, and specific and non-speculative work assignment rule (itinerary requirement).

The Litigation team and their efforts have brought us this far, and they deserve hearty appreciation for it as well as several members who are part of this joint effort.

As of now, we are awaiting the government’s verdict on the matter, which will be delivered on April 19. The court has scheduled an oral argument on May 9, which is a rare case of an oral hearing in such cases. We are keeping our fingers are crossed for a favorable decision, as it is going to be beneficial for future applicants looking to explore career opportunities through H1B Visa.

Those keen on witnessing the arguments of this case in person can attend at the court in DC.