How To Process For H1B Visa 2017 Application

H1B Visa 2017 Application

Process For H1B Visa 2017 Application

It amazes me how soon the H1B Visa 2016 season flew by…while some are still waiting for their H1B request choice due to RFEs… we are fast approaching the H1B FY 2017 period, just about small under A COUPLE OF MONTHS months from the start of next H1B Visa 2017 time. Careful planning allow you to avoid all the last second dilemmas. With all the amount of applications received within the past few years, H1B lottery is certainly on the cards with this fiscal year filing. This informative article covers detailed process on how best to apply for H1B visa 2017 and enable you to understand the method for better preparation.

What is the Process to Apply for H1B visa for FY 2017 quota?

USCIS will start accepting applications for FY 2017 from April 1st, 2016. So, in case you want to use for H1B this year to perform in America, you must be ready and find some business to file H1 B application for you by this date. If I were to summarize the process in three easy steps, here are those.

  • Hunt for H1B Sponsors that match your criteria.
  • Apply for jobs at these companies that will sponsor you work visa.
  • Work together with the employer and have your request filed for FY 20 17 quota.

Now, allow me to break it down by timeline so which you can plan well for H1B 2017 season start date. I will range from the relevant posts for each of the sections so which you can start to read them and plan for precisely the same.

H1B Procedure Tasks

The primary task for the next 45 days is to recognize the set of companies that can sponsor you H1B visa and then use for jobs at these businesses.

How to find and get the H1B Sponsors List? 

One of the things you must do is create a simple list of the businesses. We’ve H1B Sponsors Database that could be used to accomplish that. You are able to search by City, Zip code or Job title and make the list based on your own interest. You are able to read post the Way To locate H1B Visa Sponsors.

Applying for Occupations – Get provide letters, Start Conversations

Once you’ve got the listing, your target is really to utilize jobs at these H1B Sponsoring companies. I do not understand, just how much of it’d perform, if you’re not in the US, but the thought is really to utilize jobs and get interview calls.

If you are a pupil already in US and carrying out a coop or internship in a business, you need to start the H1B process in the business. Should you understand that the current firm does not offer that option, time to produce a decision and change shortly.

Your primary aim is always to get as numerous interviews and clear them to go to offer letter period.

Salary Negotiations, Confirming H1B Sponsors, Employment Search.

Once you’re in mid-February, you need to be getting close to decision on which business you need to be heading for.

Attempt to negotiate the best offer you can get at a company. It really is all fairly see-through. It is possible to see the details of a job on how much it pays in the H1B Sponsors Database or

You need to also check the businesses’ credentials like how many were authorized, denied at least from LCA perspective. You need to use our H1B sponsors database or any other third party site. Do NOT cover the tips. It’s free as per community disclosure and a number of web sites charge cash for that…that’s why we’ve build the H1B sponsors database to help you avoid investing in such sites.

You need to also try to talk to few people who are part of an organization that you want to join so that you get thought on the reality.

Get your Records for H1B Petition Filing :

While all of the method is heading on, get all of the files you would require for the filing of H1B petition. You would need advice like schooling transcripts, diploma certificates, records for job expertise like experience letters, etc  and  Send Documents to Attorney.

Attorney documents for LCA:

Before you can apply for H1B petitions, there needs to be an LCA submitted, your lawyer will file the Labor Condition Application (LCA) with US Department of Labor (DOL). This could have a day or a week depending or load and program problems.

Once you send the files away, your task is technically done. Your task will be to check with attorney and make certain they have all of the applicable documents for filing. They may be active and not touch your file…it can be your work to monitor scenario and check together proactively.