H1B Visa Transfer From India

H1b Visa Transfer India

An h1b Visa is the most common way for companies to sponsor professional employees in the U.S. To be able to qualify for this sponsorship, the employee must hold a position which requires at least a bachelor’s degree or equal experience in that discipline. Once obtained, an h 1b Visa enables its bearer to remain and function in the United States legitimately for up to three years. After those three years, the visa can be renewed for as much as six complete years.

What’s the H1B Visa Transfer Process from India with only Request Number ?

All the below procedure was completed by my new employer’s solicitor. You’d need to work with an attorney with this.

A fresh H1B Cap-Exempt request needs to be submitted by the prospective company for the exact same man, requesting USCIS to approve this Cap Exempt petition.

A Letter to be directed to USCIS with below particulars.
A Proper explanation of why we don’t have the aged petition’s copy and approval notice (I 797 copy).

We mentioned the cause that previous employer failed to supply these files even after numerous follow-ups with them.

Requesting USCIS to use the receipt number to validate the day within their data base.

(Affidavit is very important as you are attempting to file the petition with the greatest knowledge you have in good faith rather than trying to cheat )
You can provide the affidavit mentioning whatever advice provided is the most useful to the understanding of the man for which request was filed.

What are the Records required for H1B Visa Transfer from India ?

A copy of the H1B visa approval status of the old request from USCIS site.

You can download the request result by providing the reception number at USCIS Case Status Online

Affidavit with the details mentioned in Procedure section.
The copy of any documents with the preceding company that’s any relevance with the H1B petition.

I’d supplied the first employer’s offer letter that had the reference of H1 B visa.

Any extra documents, e-mails from your official e-mail ID of the employer would be good supporting documentation.

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