Lottery Done for H1B Visa Masters Quota

USCIS has started issuing H1B receipts to people who have filed H1B applications under premium processing. USCIS didn’t launch any official statement regarding the lotto and total number of applications yet.

But, Companies have reported that they are receiving the email notifications about their submitted circumstances and these notifications are sent from the service centres.

It looks like USCIS has finished its random selection process after 4/07/2016 for US learn degree circumstances. Congratulations to all the H1B applicants who’ve received the e-mail notifications.

Those who’ve not received a email yet, don’t stress as this is just the start. H1B applicants with masters degree will have another chance if they didn’t get selected in the masters quota lottery.

When the masters quota is exceeded, the USCIS utilizes a randomized algorithm to select 20,000 applicants, and the overflow is then transferred to the normal group. Subsequently, when the Normal category is exceeded, they run the randomized algorithm again, and the quota of those applicants is chosen.

The e-mail receipt notification process is likely to be completed by next number of weeks for premium processing. USCIS previously declared that the premium processing for H1B cap-subject petitions requesting premium processing no later than May 16, 2016 .|Those who’ve not received a mail yet, don’t stress as that is only the beginning. h 1b applicants with masters diploma will have another opportunity if they didn’t get selected in the masters quota lottery.

We wish you best of luck for several of the H-1B Applicants!!