What is H1B Visa

What is H1B Visa

what is H1B visa

The H1B visa is an employment-based, non-immigrant visa category for temporary workers. For this type of visa, an employer should offer employment and apply for your H1B visa request together with the US Immigration Department. This approved petition is a function permit allowing you to obtain a visa stamp and perform in the United States for that employer.

Qualifications: The H1B visa is issued for a specialty profession, requires theoretical as well as practical application of a system of specific information and demands the visa holder to have at least a bachelor degree or its equivalent.

What’s Required?

You need to be paid at least the minimal or the prevailing wage for your position, in that geographical place.

Can I self utilize my H1B?

It truly is necessary that your company needs to file your H-1B. You may not self file your H-1B petition to the USCIS.

Exactly what are the H1B 2016 Cap Numbers?

The H1B Visa comes with an annual limitation called “max” each fiscal yr. The limitation restricts to 85,000 visas each year . Out of 85,000 visas, 20,000 visas are usually for master’s degree quota. And also , 6800 visas are reserve for Chilean and Singaporeans under H1B1 Grouping.

Limit of H1B visa

Absolute stay is limited to 6 years. First approval is for 3 years, which may be expanded for increment of up to 3 years.

H1B- Re-Stamping

A new stamping could be carried out in any other country at any American consulate, according to the H1B extension approval. More

{Multiple Companies

H1B aliens may work for more than one U.S. company, but should have a Form I-129 petition approved by each company.


H1B visa can be a multiple entry visa, which allows someone to journey in and out of US for any number of times, within the designated visa validity period.


H1B aliens may only work for the petitioning U.S. company, and company may put the h 1b employee on the work site of another company.|Travel

H1B visa can be a numerous entry visa, which allows an individual to travel in and out of USA for a variety of times, within the stated visa validity period.


An H1B alien can go on holidays, sick/maternity/paternity leave or on strike.

There is no issue provided that extraterrestrial being is associated with the employer.

Family Standing

The spouse and unmarried children (below the age of 21) of h 1b experts are permitted to remain in America under the H4 class for exactly the same duration as the H1 B status.

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