This is Why H1B Visa Is So Popular


Why H1B Visa is so Famous

H1B– the mere mention of the term feels and sounds like magic words to the minds of millions of people aspiring to go to the United States to work, albeit on a temporary basis. H1B is a non-immigrant visa in the United States that permits employers in the United States to hire foreign workers temporarily in select occupations in specialized fields. It is the gateway to the hallowed country that offers the most lucrative job opportunities that are temporary  in the beginning but can turn into a long-term arrangement and even permanent in due course of time.

H1B visa offers hope to citizens of various nations in the world including India, to make a better life and be suitably valued, which they may not expect in their home countries. To view the developments in the latest political scenario in the United States on account of the US Presidential Elections, some modifications in the overall situation are likely to come up. Nevertheless, having knowledge of the H1B visa sponsorship process is essential if you are considering working in the US.

In order to clinch H1B eligibility, you first need to have a job offer from a company in the US, which carries out the process of application for your visa. On your part, you need to have patience and prepare yourself mentally for loads of paperwork that involves procuring and arranging all documents, verification from law authorities and quite a few visits to the American Consulate. You also need to brace yourself for appearing for an interview at the US Consulate, which could be the make-or-break factor. Also, your passport should be ready and in your hand at the time of the processing for your visa.

H1B visa process isn’t really daunting but in fact is a boon as it helps you land a great job for which the Company employing you will be doing quite a lot of work. Besides, H1B is the most trusted, secure and favored sponsorship that qualifies you to get a job in the US for three years, with bright chances of extensions and, if everything goes well, even get an opportunity to settle there permanently.

Another aspect you need to be clear with is that of visa transfer, which will assume importance when you plan to change your job. H1B visa transfer entitles you to change your job and join a new company, wherein the new company initiates the process of transfer of your visa from your current employer. H1B visa transfer in India specifically means that if everything has been fine, you can get a job in another company in the US without having to go there for it. The new employer will start the process and make it possible for you to switch jobs smoothly.

As you can see, the possibilities for you are endless if working and living in the US is what you desire. With so many options to explore for working and living in the US thanks to H1B, why not turn to it and make all your dreams come true?