Case Study


Case Study

Fourteen years of experience have resulted in an efficient and thorough process for understanding your business, culture, and project needs.

We carefully evaluate each and every candidate to make sure they are fully qualified for the position. That means your projects move forward quickly without the hiccups that can result from a lack of expertise or the wrong culture fit.

“You guys are wonderful, really making an effort to raise the bar.”

Nancy-Jo Nunez
Marketing Programs/Marketplace Merchandising Programs

“We were amazed how fast 13 Below was able to find us a qualified Lead Developer for our .NET projects to guide our existing development staff. The process was fast and efficient, without the ‘pushy’ sales process most other companies do. They were the difference in making our .NET project a huge success.”

Tammy S
Minneapolis, MN

I consider Averon Infotech to be a valuable partner within my organization. I attribute that value to several key success factors. First, it is the time they spend understanding my business model and the goals that I must achieve. That business knowledge and understanding are tied to the quality of service they deliver. I believe a large part of their success can also be attributed to the excellent job they do pre-screening applicants, and matching their expertise against our needs. It is very rare that we reject an applicant brought in to interview.

Additionally, in the 6 years I have been doing business with Averon Infotech I can truthfully state that I have never had a consultant or placement that has not fulfilled their promise and guarantee. The other key factor is timeliness to deliver. It has been my experience that Averon Infotech maintains a pool of applicants which they draw against to match our needs. We have challenged them numerous times with last minute surprises and I can honestly say they have delivered to my satisfaction every time. As I have stated many times in the past, I would and do strongly recommend Averon Infotech as a service provider and business partner.

A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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