H1B visa sponsorship

H1B visa sponsorship is your stepping stone to the US if that’s where you want to explore promising opportunities in career and life. H1B is basically the permit that a US company willing to hire foreign nationals (e.g. Indians) has to arrange and issue to prospective employees. It is a temporary permit valid for three years, which is extendable if everything goes on smoothly.

Another relevant point in this context is the interview that the American Embassy in your city or town will conduct for issuing the visa. It is important to seek H1B visa interview guidance as it is the final stage you need to cross. Talking to people who have appeared for the H1B interview, surfing related websites and reading up books, articles, etc. based on people’s experiences help.

In H1B interview, the interviewers are likely to ask you why you have chosen to work in the US and whether you possess relevant details about the company you’d be joining. They also ask questions to gauge your personality and whether you will be able to fit in there. This interview is a crucial stage which can make or break it for you, so make sure you appear well-prepared, focused and confident.

As for a professional employed in a company in the US willing to join another company, the process of H1B visa transfer facilitates the transition. It is the new company that carries out the procedure required to employ the professional. Another key aspect that can raise your chances to go to the US is the H1B cap exemption taken by the US government that encourages skilled people from outside to try settling in the US.  H1B cap exemption guidance will help you explore the flexibility you can avail of in working in the US.

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