A Promising Step toward Easy H-1B Visa Approval

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A Promising Step toward Easy H-1B Visa Approval

The practice of H-1B denials and short-term Visa approvals in December is hopefully set to be scrapped soon. The unfair and discriminating initiative imposed by USCIS (United States Customs and Immigration Services) drew widespread opposition from several quarters for depriving bright professionals of promising job opportunities and careers in the United States. 

Many members from ITSERVE took a counter initiative independently and filed individual cases against this imposition. They aimed at getting approvals on the individual cases initially, and deep diving into the matter gradually. They planned to convince the court to consolidate all the individual cases with a permanent judgment that would benefit future applications as well.

It was a calculated chance that paid off. We are delighted to share the great news that these cases are now consolidated into one single case.  These cases are now collectively called IT SERVICE ALLIANCE v. CISSNA, D.D.C.18-cv-2350î.

Last night, ITSERVE filed a motion for summary judgment on three consolidated issues: USCIS’s definition of employer (employee-employer relationship), short term approval/partial denials, and specific and non-speculative work assignment rule (itinerary requirement .

The government will give its verdict on April 19 on this matter. Also, the court has slatedan oral argument on May 9. We see this development as a positive sign as oral hearing is very rare in such cases. Anyone interested in attending the arguments can observe the same at the court in DC.

We extend sincere appreciation and gratefulness to President of ITSERVE and the Litigation team as it is their efforts that have brought us this far.