No Caps on H-1B Work Visa Programs for Indian Workers

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H-1B Work Visa Programs

A Ray of Sunshine for Indian H-1B Visa Applicants after Recent Scare

A string of changes in the processing of H-1B visas in recent times has been keeping visa applicants on their toes. It would be no exaggeration to term the entire H-1B visa application process and its outcome a roller-coaster ride now. The far-reaching visa policies devised by the Trump administration based on the ‘America First’ motto have resulted in a lot of concerns and uncertainties and resulted in decline in the number of H-1B visa approvals.

A few days back, news that the United States would be introducing caps on H-1B work visa programs for professionals (set to impact India the most) gave rise to panic among the Indian professionals. However, these fears were quickly laid to rest when the U.S. gave an official statement that it has no such intentions and plans to go ahead with. This announcement has brought immense relief to the Indian professionals. This development has infused cheer particularly among the Indian U.S. visa applicants engaged in the field of technology. It is being regarded as a positive gesture especially by the Indian technology workers who were most vulnerable to its consequences. Many of the disappointed H-1B work visa aspirants are now more confident, and therefore have begun making preparations for applying for visas with a positive spirit again.

Reasons behind the H-1B Visa Caps Theory and Ensuing Measures

One of the major factors that seemingly made the U.S. consider imposing caps on H-1B work visa programs for Indians was disagreement over data storage strategies. India was unwilling to let its online data move to the U.S. and vehemently asserted that it will stay in the country. This move sparked considerable opposition from the U.S. government as well as some top American companies. Neither India nor the U.S. was willing to compromise during this stand-off. However, the recent stand taken by the U.S. that it will not impose visa caps is being regarded as a positive sign that will benefit both the countries in due course of time.

The Road ahead in Light of the Latest Developments…

This fresh update in H-1B visa application process, however, is not devoid of current obstacles as factors like restrictive policy amendments, increased instances of RFEs and stringent responses to them are still there. The U S. Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo’s visit to India to mull over the trade and tariff issues between both the countries, is also likely to specify the actual stand being taken by the U.S. over H-1B visa processing. It is being hoped that the visit will also include exploring possibilities of revising the entire visa issuance processes.

Planning to Apply for H-1B Visa? Here’s what you need to do Right Away!

Things are definitely looking up for H-1B visa applicants now as compared to the situation in the past few months. Those who have been planning to apply for H-1B visas will agree that the current times are definitely favourable for going ahead with initiating the process. If you also happen to be on the same path, make sure you grab all the opportunities and possibilities that come your way.  What you obviously and absolutely need to do right now is start your documentation process. As you know, H-1B visa application process must be carried out with utmost care and precautions as one small error is likely to earn the applicant the dreaded RFE. So you need to make sure you steer clear of receiving an RFE. One of the things that have been observed to immensely helpful is seeking guidance from professionals. Opt for professional  assistance on all matters of H-1B visa from experts like Averon Infotech as they have already helped hundred of applicants get their act right and make it to the US successfully. Well, it is your turn next and you know what to do.

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