A Stepping Stone that made my Dream Come True

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Talking philosophically about life for someone in early 20’s may not be so common. But then, there are exceptions, and people who know me well say I am one. For me, being an exception is identifying my objectives early in life, and finding the right avenue for guidance to achieve success.

I’m talking about my association with Averon Infotech, a wonderful H-1B Visa consultancy and services company I was fortunate to hear about in a random conversation with a friend’s friend in a party. Looking back, I can say that I made it to the US in life to pursue my studies (Masters’ in Computer Engineering) and bag a great job, only thanks toAveron Infotech. It really wouldn’t have been possible for me to go there on my own as I had no one to guide me all through the H-1B Visa processing stage.

The Impact of Grim Scenarioin Current Times

We all know that getting an H-1B Visa is not as easy as it used to be earlier, thanks to the new rules and policies introduced by the Trump administration. I’d say that there are a lot of fluctuations, hurdles and uncertainties that have come up not just for getting a Visa but even during the initial stages of the application process in recent times.

I was actually seeing and hearing about many brilliant people’s Visas getting rejected for superficial reasons. It is a fact that the present U.S. government wants to impose control on the number of immigrants entering the country. As I said before, it was happening before my eyes, and since I was on the threshold of opting for the same, I was unnerved too, and knew I had to move with caution. Rejection was the last thing I wanted to face, and in the current circumstances, things were even bleaker.

The point hit me hard when my cousin, who completed his master’s in Software Engineering one year before me (and happens to be more intelligent than me!) applied for H-1B but got rejected. He followed the process right from the start perfectly, but was rejected on very flimsy grounds. Apparently, they gave a reason like ‘poor showing of employee/ employer relationship’for rejection, and it was very clear that the reason given was actually baseless. It was very demotivating not just for him but for all of us. My cousin was totally dejected and depressed. He refused to talk to anyone, meet people or try to apply again. It was a low point for the entire family.

Stepping into Averon Infotech, My Ray of Hope.Finally…

By now, a year had passed, and I’d completed my degree too. I felt that all eyes were now on me as I had the same plans as my cousin. I knew my family was tense, but no one was saying anything.  Finally, my cousin himself advised me to take professional help instead of doing everything myself.

I talked to some more people too, and all advised the same to me. It was one of my friend’s friend who told me about Averon Infotech that has helped several applicants to process the U.S. visa successfully. He told me he had some friends who took guidance from Averon, and they did well in the application process.

I started doing research myself to make sure I take the right step. I learnt a bit about Averon, and was quite impressed to read that it has been providing H-1B visa consultation for the last 15 years and has 100 plus consultants working at its client site. I also got to know that Averon is reputed to be the fastest H-1B visa consulting company.

The Final Step toward H-1B Success, thanks to AveronInfotech!

Without wasting any more time, I contacted Averon and explained my case. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick and effective solutions and options I was given. I knew that this is what I needed, so I went ahead and subscribed to their services wholeheartedly.

They gathered relevant details from me, spoke at length about what I wanted and within a few days, devised solutions that seemed perfect. Finally, after detailed discussions and research, Averon helped me come up with clarity and right solutions. Whatever doubts I had initially in my mind were dismissed soon, seeing the professionalism and success rate for which they are famed.Well, I went ahead, applied for my Visa, worked as per guidance provided by them, and finally got through.

I really thank Averon for taking all the effort they did and helping me out. Today, I am doing pretty well for myself in the U.S., doing exactly what I wanted and achieving me goals. I’d like to say that if you have a dream, go for it and do your best as it can come true- just like it did for me, thanks to Averon.