Aftermath of H-1B Visa Approval Decline Post-2018 and the Road ahead for Applicants

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H-1B Visa Approval

An alarming 10 per centdrop in the approval of H-1B visas by the United States in the year 2018 has resulted in much apprehension and uncertainty among visa applicants. It signals increased complications and uncertainties in the coming times, which can play spoilsport for those looking to build a good life in the United States. The main cause behind this drop in H-1B visa approvals, according to observers, is the stringent policies of the Trump administration.

As it is, the lottery scheme in the issuance of the H-1B visa rules out chances of 100% selection to anyone. Unrestrained crackdown on the issuance of the visa amplifies problems all the more. People are naturally trying to figure out ways and means to work around this state. If you are also experiencing the predicament and wondering how you can maximise your chances of making it to the U.S., do pay attention to the following tips:

Arm yourself with Relevant Details Promptly

The moment visa processing and submission procedure begins, you must get going with your application process. That means you should begin your groundwork even earlier, days in advance, so you’re in a position to apply immediately and resolve any problem promptly that may arise. Scrutinize each and every aspect related to your H-1B visa application such as documentations and relevant procedures before you go for submission.  USCIS, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that governs the country’s immigration system, is extremely particular about visa applications. That’s where you will go to submit your application, so it’s better to be thoroughly prepared.

Send in your Applications as Soon as Possible

The moment theprocess of H-1B visa application begins, there’s a flurry ofapplications for submission by eager candidates.  This year, the quota of 65,000 visas was exhausted within  five days. You need to gear up months in advance so that the deadline is not missed. Sending your application early has more advantages and increases chances of your visa getting approved.

Proving your Employer’s Willingness to Pay Prevailing Wages will Help

The remuneration that you are going to draw is one of the decisive factors for your visa application. If you furnish sufficient proof that you are being offered the requisite wages by your employer, your chances of getting the visa will rise substantially. Employers who do not pay the wages stipulated by the USCIS are not allowed to hire foreign workers, which means your chances of working in the U.S. will run into trouble. The organisation filing your visa has to prove they can afford to pay you as per US Department of Labor, which is administrated by LCA(Labor Condition Application), a mandatory document that the H-1B sponsoring company is required to file with the US Department of Labor before filing the H1B petition with USCIS for a non-immigrant worker. Another thing you need to take care of is that your employer, and NOT you, pays your visa application fee as it is a regulation.

Apply only in an Authentic, Reliable Organisation

If you are going to the U.S. to get a job, make sure that you apply in a legitimate organisation that also has a good track record of placing employees successfully through previous H-1B applications. Your potential employer must meet all the requirements laid down by the USCIS. You need to do some research for that to ensure that your employer has the right credentials, otherwise your visa is going to be rejected.

Further, talk to people who have secured H-1B visas successfully so that you get a closer idea about the entire process. Consulting experts who assist with visa application and have an excellent track record at enabling applicants to make it to the U.S. successfully would also be a wise thing to do.

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