Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About H1B Visa

About H1B Visa

For those who want to work in the USA, the H1B visa is always a commonly discussed issue. Here we will share some of the important aspects about the H1B Visa that should be known by every individual who are looking for it.

  1. Before applying for an H1B visa, you should know that it is not permanent and one must decide whether he/she wants to extend it or apply for a green card if you want to stay in USA for a longer period of time. Before planning to work in the USA, it is always better to find an employer who will support and hire your H1B visa. The process will be easy depending on how the employer handles the process of the H1b Visa application.
  2. The  visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US based companies to hire employees from outside the country. IT industry, medicine, engineering, architecture, science, etc. are some specific industry that permit H1B visa. In person you cannot apply for this visa, only the company can apply for H1B visa for six years for their foreign worker. Although H1B is a non-immigrant visa, it is known as dual intent that allows the visa holder to apply for a US Green Card while working on the H-1B visa.
  3. If a person wants to stay in the USA for more than six years for the job, so after the expiration of  visa, they can apply for a Green Card. If for any reason a person doesn’t receive the Green Card, so he/she cannot reapply for H1B visa before one year, while the Green Card application is in processing. The people who applied for a green card are eligible for extension above six years. One can check the status of visa by browsing the USCIS website.
  4. There are some restrictions for visa. According to the present immigration law, only 85,000 new H1B visa can be approved in a year. Apart from skilled foreign workers, this number also includes those foreigners who have pursued advanced course from any US institution. So it is very important to apply for a visa before the number is reached. An employer can begin processing for the visa before six months of the actual date.
  5. One of the major advantages of holding an H1B visa is that the visa holders can bring their spouses and little ones in the USA under the H4 Visa category. The validity of H4 visa is equal to H1B visa.

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